Driving Innovation: College of Pharmacy and AI Partner Up

ImageProVision is proud to announce its partnership with Indira College of Pharmacy. This partnership transpired in the presence of Prof. Dr. Anagha Joshi, the Principal of Indira College of Pharmacy (ICP), Dr. Madhur Kulkarni (HOD Pharmaceutics), and the leaders of ImageProVision (IPV): Mr. Sandeep Kulkarni (CEO and Founder), and Mr. Suhas Yewale (Application Specialist).

An alliance with ImageProVision, a leading global company in the physical testing space, empowers Indira College of Pharmacy to uphold its motto of ‘Redefining Pharmacy Education.’ Recognizing the extensive hours of dedicated effort invested by researchers to enhance healthcare, ImageProVision accelerates the pace of research, generating reliable data with remarkable efficiency.

Indira College of Pharmacy boasts several accolades, such as being recognized as the Best Institute in Pharmacy and a Top Performing Pharmacy Institute. IPV's software tools, designed for intelligent and rapid image analysis, are anticipated to create abundant opportunities for aspiring researchers to bring their innovative ideas to fruition.

Dr. Anagha Joshi: "As the Principal of the Indira College of Pharmacy, the joy in fostering collaboration with the industry is immeasurable. Witnessing the synergy of academia and industry promises a future where knowledge flourishes, students thrive, and our collective impact extends beyond the classroom."

Mr. Sandeep Kulkarni: "As Founder and CEO, witnessing our company collaborate with the Indira College of Pharmacy is a source of immense joy. This partnership signifies shared values and ignites the promise of nurturing future leaders and innovators. Together, we embark on a journey of knowledge exchange, growth, and the collective pursuit of excellence."