Mr. Kulkarni's lecture at Intl. Foundation

Washington DC, USA 04-07 June 2023 -  International Foundation of Process Analytical Chemistry has organized a two-day conference at Washington DC, USA. The event was graced by many eminent personalities from the industry. CEO of ImageProVision Mr  Sandeep Kulkarni has given a lecture on  Artificial intelligence-based particle characterization and visualization.

In his lecture, Mr Sandeep said the pharmaceutical industry is a field where precision and quality are paramount, and the properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) play a crucial role in the stability and aesthetics of drug formulations. Among these properties, particle size, particle size distribution, and particle shape have significant implications for the efficacy and performance of pharmaceutical products.

The size and shape of particles used in drug formulations can directly influence various factors, including the dissolution rate, solubility, adhesion, and dispersion of the particles. For instance, the particle size affects the surface area available for drug release and dissolution, which in turn affects the bioavailability and therapeutic effectiveness of the drug. Moreover, the shape of particles can impact their ability to adhere to surfaces or disperse uniformly, thus affecting the drug's delivery and absorption. To address these critical aspects, ImageProVision offers advanced particle characterization and visualization tools in the pharmaceutical industry. Their innovative technology assists pharmaceutical partners in gaining a deeper understanding of drug products and processes, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

ImageProVision's solution leverages AI-driven automated particle analytics, combined with their unique enterprise software model, to transform any generic microscope into a powerful imaging workstation. The cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform provides industry-leading capabilities for microscopic image analysis, enabling superior particle and cell analytics. By adopting ImageProVision's platform, pharmaceutical companies can achieve a range of benefits. Firstly, it allows the conversion of every microscope into an imaging workstation, eliminating the need for specialized equipment and reducing costs. Additionally, the platform significantly reduces particle analysis time by 50%, enabling faster decision-making and improving overall operational efficiency. It also reduces development time by 30%, enabling quicker formulation optimization and accelerating the time-to-market for new drugs.

Furthermore, by streamlining manufacturing processes, the platform helps reduce manufacturing time by 20%, leading to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness. Lastly, it eliminates inefficient, error-prone, and tedious analytical tasks, enabling researchers and scientists to focus on higher-value activities. The combination of ImageProVision's cutting-edge technology and their cloud-based, SaaS platform revolutionizes particle analysis in the pharmaceutical industry. By providing accurate and efficient microscopic image analysis, the platform empowers pharmaceutical partners to enhance their drug product knowledge and process understanding. This, in turn, enables them to make informed decisions, optimize formulations, and ultimately improve the efficacy, safety, and quality of pharmaceutical products.

In his speech he covered a range of topics, including Particle Morphology, Particle Classification for API, Excipient, and Globule, Particulate Matter Count, Hot Stage Microscopy, Nano Particle Analysis, Microbial Colony Counting and Gram Staining, Smart Proofreading System for Cartons, Leaflets, Labels, Foil, and Braille, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance, Microbiology Formulation, and Analytical QA & QC.