Dissolution excellence in Drug Development

Mumbai, June 26–27, 2023 - The DISSO India Mumbai 2023 International Symposium brought together renowned experts in the field of dissolution science and application for its 12th International Symposium. The event revolved around the theme "Importance of dissolution science and technology in drug development and Quality Assurance." Industry leaders and innovators shared their expertise and insights during the conference, fostering knowledge exchange and advancing the pharmaceutical industry.

Among the notable speakers was Mr Sandeep Kulkarni, CEO of ImageProVision, who delivered a compelling presentation on the effects of particle shape and size distribution on drug dissolution. His talk shed light on the intrinsic and apparent dissolution aspects, highlighting the crucial role of accurate particle characterization in pharmaceutical development. Mr. Kulkarni presented about ImageProVision's cutting-edge AI-based particle characterization and visualisation platform, MorphoWiz, which utilises supervised machine learning models to analyse particle morphology in pharmaceutical applications. This groundbreaking technology allows pharmaceutical companies to enhance drug product knowledge, streamline analysis processes, and optimise drug formulations, ultimately contributing to improved health outcomes.

The integration of particle size and shape analysis into MorphoWiz empowers pharmaceutical companies to make more informed decisions and revolutionises particle characterization in the industry. Throughout the conference, he shed light on the critical role of particle shape and size distribution in drug dissolution. Additionally, microbial colony counting and gram staining were also discussed. Mr. Sandeep Kulkarni spoke about microbial colony counting and gram staining and the potential of AI and ML in revolutionising the pharmaceutical industry and opening new avenues for drug development and personalised medicine. IPV is a leading organisation dedicated to promoting dissolution science and application in the pharmaceutical industry.

The DISSO India Mumbai 2023 International Symposium witnessed an outstanding lineup of speakers who delved into diverse aspects of dissolution science, revolutionising drug development and quality assurance. Dr. Patrick J. Sinko, President of AAPS, addressed the current perspectives and future challenges of biorelevant, bioindicative, and biopredictive dissolution. Dr. Vinod P. Shah, an ex-USFDA Pharmaceutical Consultant, emphasised the never-ending role of dissolution in drug development, highlighting its enduring importance.

The conference also featured experts such as Mark Liddell from USP, who provided an overview of dissolution general chapters and recent updates, and Dr. Tausif Ahmed from Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, who presented case studies from Gastroplus and Dissoflux, expediting time to market and reducing costs in generic product development. Susann Belmann, Chief Technical Officer of TIM Company, introduced innovative oral formulation testing approaches with TIM-Reimagining. Michel Magnier, Product Manager Dissolution USP 4 at Sotax AG, Switzerland, explored dissolution automation and its goals, requirements, and benefits.