ImageProVision helps India's most successful biofuels company to drastically cut costs by Microscopic Image Analysis


The client is one of India’s most successful biofuel companies with over 600 references in more than 60 countries across 5 continents. They offer innovative solutions for beverage alcohol and bioethanol plant, brewery, water & wastewater treatment plant, critical process equipment and systems & bio-products.


The client was facing great difficulty in getting particle details of slurry samples from Decanter of various customer sites. The results delivered by Laser Diffraction Technology were inconsistent and inaccurate. It was also proving to be extremely cost-intensive and time-consuming as the client had a vast clientele with a vast number of samples streaming in continuously for analysis.

The client was in a desperate situation and needed a cost-effective solution that ensured delivery of accurate results instantaneously without compromising on quality control. The client was never exposed to a technology that employed a microscopic particle size analyser for analysing the slurry samples. 


The client had approached ImageProVision seeking a solution that will deliver three defined goals viz. data accuracy, rapid analysis and it should be cost-effective. The IPV experts collaborated with the client for a period of 3 months and developed a specialized methodology to prepare samples and analyse particle sizes of slurry samples.

The Particle Size Analyser was successfully implemented with bespoke customization that enabled the separation of isolated particles and agglomerations. It was observed that the particle range was way above the usual range. To tackle this challenge, the IPV experts developed a special technique of using multiple objective lenses that captured particles of varied ranges. In addition, new particle identification algorithms were developed and manual options were provided with specific user inputs. 

The IPV experts also created customized reports that improved processes which were useful for analysis. The client was delighted to incorporate this advanced & innovative measuring technology. Also, the client has plans to develop this technology as a built-in method in their standard offerings to all customers.


→ Massive reductions in cost, time and manual effort

→ Innovative, specialized and easy-to-operate method for checking the quality of slurry samples

→ Statistical data ensured quality control as well as improved processes

→ Empowering measuring technology that provided quick inputs to the client

→ Quick online support backed with frequent on-site visits ironed out all possible creases in execution