Identification and Analysis of Pregelatinized Starch Granules using ImageProVision’s ipvPClass Software.
  • Sample:

Pregelatinized Starch IP

  • Description: 

Starch Gelatinization is a process of breaking down the intermolecular bonds of starch molecules in the presence of water and heat. Pregelatinized starch derives primarily from corn, potato, maize and tapioca. It is then cooked and dried. Instant puddings, pie fillings, salad dressings, candy often contain pregelatinized starch.

  • Identification: 

In a mixture of equal volumes of glycerol and water, it presents irregular, translucent, white/yellow flakes/pieces with uneven surface. Under Polarized light, starch granules with a distinct black cross intersecting at the hilum may be seen.

  • Objective: 

To achieve the intersecting lines which is present at the hilum of the particles. 

  • Sample preparation: 

Sample is prepared using this procedure-


  1. Water 1ml + glycerol 1ml (1:1) is mixed in a 10ml beaker using spatula.

  2. Then take small amount of sample and mix it thoroughly to disperse the starch granules properly.

  3. With the help of dropper take a drop on a slide and put a cover slip and press the cover slip gently towards the drop so that the particles should get dispersed and take care to avoid entrapment of air bubbles.

  4.  Place the slide under the microscope, and observe using analyser and polarizer.

  5. Adjust the analyzer and polarizer properly, so that maximum contrast can be obtained.

  • Microscope setting:

Images are captured using polarized light and not less than 20x magnification. Here images are taken on 40x magnification. Here images are taken on 40x magnification. Image in Fig 1 show particles illuminated with the dark field configurations, using analyser and polarizer. In Fig 2, image is captured without polarized light.

  • Software setting parameters which are used for the identification of Pregelatinized Starch in ipvPClass software.


  • Images of Starch Granules captured under 40X Magnification.

H:\Lupin Jammu Anupam\Pregelatinised Starch IP Images\40_Field_27.jpg


  • Below is the analysis report generated from ipvPClass software 


Pregelatinized Starch was suspended in glycerol and analysed under polarized light using 40X magnification. The granules are polygonal in shape and the average size of the particles is 11μ. The hilum (core of the grain) of all polygonal starch granules is centric and distinct intersecting lines (cross shaped) can be identified under polarized light. All the particle analysis and characterization is done using ipvPClass software, exhibiting all the particle details in the report.